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Frequently asked questions about shipping a vehicle by sea

How much does it cost to ship a vehicle by sea?

The cost of shipping a vehicle by sea will depend on the size and type of the vehicle, the distance traveled, and any additional services required, such as customs clearance or door-to-door delivery.

How long does it take to ship a vehicle by sea?

The time it takes to ship a vehicle by sea will depend on the distance traveled and the availability of vessels. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to ship a vehicle by sea.

On an average we suggest you allow timings as below:

Note:  If we are having to collect your vehicle from outside the metropolitan area, you will need to allow additional time for us to truck it down to the city and transport it to the Port. We can quote you approximate lead times where required.

Can I ship my vehicle to any country by sea?

Not all countries allow the import of vehicles by sea, and there may be restrictions on the type of vehicles that can be imported. It is important to research the import regulations of the destination country before shipping your vehicle by sea.

What documentation is required to ship a vehicle by sea?

You will need to provide documentation, such as a bill of lading, a certificate of title, and a certificate of insurance, to ship your vehicle by sea. You may also need to provide customs documentation if the vehicle is being shipped to a foreign country.

How do I prepare my vehicle for shipping by sea?

To prepare your vehicle for shipping by sea, you should make sure it is in good condition, remove all personal items, and ensure that the fuel tank is not full. You may also need to drain any fluids and disconnect the battery to meet shipping regulations.

Can I ship a vehicle that is not in running condition?

Some car shipping companies may be able to transport vehicles that are not in running condition, but this may require special equipment and may be more expensive.

How do I choose a car shipping company?

When choosing a car shipping company, it is important to research and compare different companies, ask for references and reviews from previous customers, and get a written quote that includes all fees and services.

Can I ship my vehicle with my belongings inside it?

It is generally not recommended to ship a vehicle with personal belongings inside it, as this can damage the vehicle or the belongings during transportation. Some car shipping companies may allow you to ship a small number of personal items inside the vehicle, but it is important to check with the company beforehand.

How do I track the shipping of my vehicle?

Most car shipping companies will provide tracking information and updates on the status of your vehicle during the shipping process. You can usually track the shipping of your vehicle online or by contacting the company directly.

Additionally, you will receive a call or text message from our depot staff to let you know it is available for collection.

What if something goes wrong during the shipping process?

It is important to choose a reputable car shipping company that has insurance coverage for damages or losses during the shipping process. In the event that something goes wrong, you should contact the company immediately and follow their procedures for resolving the issue.

Why would I want to ship my car instead of sending it by road transport?

Because it travels fully enclosed. No, it is not exposed to any of the elements, it travels in what is like a 5-7 story high rise on water. The ship is fully ventilated and fully watertight.

We use the same ships that import the new vehicles into Australia from all over the world.

When they unload in Mackay / Brisbane / Port Kembla / Melbourne and Adelaide we have professionally qualified stevedores transport your vehicle on the ship, it is then securely fastened to one of the multiple decks ready to depart on its voyage.

The process to transport vehicles from Fremantle back to one of eastern capitals follows the exact same procedure.

On arrival at its destination we have the stevedore remove the tie downs and transport off the ship for quarantine. Once cleared from quarantine we then transport to its destination.

Why would I want to ship my vehicle instead of moving it by rail?

Rail is similar to coastal shipping, and your vehicle will travel fully enclosed. However, generally vehicles are transported via road to Adelaide before being loaded into specially made rail carriages to transport them across the Nullabor to WA.

This not only exposes you to road transport, but also involves extra loading and unloading of your vehicle which raises the opportunity for possible damage.

This is also generally the case when vehicles are being moved from Perth to the East. Once again, they are railed to Adelaide then transported via road the rest of the way.

What is classed as a ‘standard car’ when shipping with JCS Global?

Standard cars are those that fall within the following dimensions and criteria:

  • Vehicles under 5.3m in length
  • Vehicles under 1.9m in height
  • Vehicles under 30 years of age

If your vehicle is bigger than the dimensions above it will need to be loaded onto a different deck on the ship and takes up more space, therefore incurring more cost. On the ship we can move equipment up to 5m high, so no problems, but it will just cost you a bit more. Contact us for a quote on an oversize vehicle.

Note: Unfortunately if your vehicle is over 30 years of age we cannot transport it on our RORO shipping service.

Do you provide a door to door service?

Yes! We offer 4 different options when it comes to vehicles transport.

Depot to Depot – you drop to our designated depot we transport to the port for loading onto our ship on a car carrier. On arrival at the destination port we transport on a car carrier back to our depot for you to collect.

Depot to door – you drop to our designated depot we transport to the port for loading onto our ship on a car carrier. On arrival at the destination port we transport your vehicle on a car carrier directly to your door.

Door to depot – We collect your vehicle from your door, transport to the port for loading onto the ship. On arrival at the destination port the vehicle is transported back to our depot using a car carrier.   

Door to door – We collect from your door using a car carrier, transport your vehicle to the port for loading onto our ship. On arrival at the destination port we transport your vehicle on a car carrier back to your door for drop off.

Note: On some occasions due to street access you may need to meet our driver close by when you book a door to door service.