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How vehicle weight impacts shipping costs

How Vehicle Weight Impacts the Price You Pay for Shipping

The weight of a vehicle can have a significant impact on the cost of shipping for several reasons:

  1. Fuel Consumption: Heavier vehicles increase the overall weight of the ship or vessel, leading to higher fuel consumption. Fuel is a major cost in shipping, so any increase in fuel use usually translates into higher prices.

  2. Handling Equipment: Heavier vehicles often require specialised handling equipment for loading and unloading. This equipment might be more expensive to operate and maintain than standard equipment.

  3. Safety and Stability: Heavier vehicles can affect the balance and stability of the ship, especially in RORO (Roll-On/Roll-Off) services. Ensuring safety and stability might require additional measures, procedures, or even modifications to the vessel, all of which can increase costs.

  4. Wear and Tear: Heavier vehicles usually lead to increased wear and tear. Whether that’s on a road or on the ship’s deck, ramps, and other infrastructure. Over time, often escalating maintenance costs which the vessel owner will pass on to you.

  5. Insurance Premiums: Shipping companies often pay insurance premiums based on the total value and weight of the cargo. Heavier vehicles, especially if they are of high value, tend to lead to higher insurance costs that will be added to your price.

  6. Port Fees: Some ports charge fees based on the weight of the cargo. As such, heavier vehicles would incur higher port charges.

  7. Regulatory Compliance: In some jurisdictions, there may be regulations governing the weight of cargo that can be transported on certain routes or during specific times. Staying compliant often means special scheduling and manifest coordination which adds to the cost.

  8. Special Requirements: Some heavy vehicles, especially specialised industrial equipment, can have specific requirements for shipping – such as temperature control. These non-standard requirements usually add to the cost.

Which is why the weight of a vehicle can significantly influence the cost for shipping companies; and these are often passed on to you, the customer as higher shipping rates.

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