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Preparing for vehicle shipping with JCS Global

Shipping a vehicle by sea can be a convenient and cost-effective way to transport it over a long distance, whether you are moving, selling, or delivering the vehicle. However, it is important to properly prepare your vehicle for shipping in order to ensure that it arrives at its destination safely and in good condition.

Here is a step-by-step guide to preparing your vehicle for shipping by sea:

Choose a Reputable and Experienced Shipping Company

The first step in preparing your vehicle for shipping by sea is to choose a reputable and experienced shipping company.

Research different companies and compare their prices and services to find the one that best meets your needs and budget.

Be sure to get written quotes that include all fees and services, such as pickup, delivery, insurance, and customs clearance. You should also check the company’s references and reviews and verify that it is fully insured and licensed to operate in your area.

Understand the Shipping Process and Requirements

Before you begin preparing your vehicle for shipping, it is important to understand the shipping process and requirements. This includes the pickup and delivery dates, any additional fees or charges, and the company’s policies for handling damages or delays.

It also helps to familiarise yourself with any customs or import/export requirements that may apply to the shipment of your vehicle, as well as any regulations or restrictions on the type of vehicle that can be shipped.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

Once you have chosen a shipping company and understand the shipping process, it is time to prepare your vehicle for transport. First, check with your shipping company to find out if they allow you to pack or leave personal items in your vehicle during shipping. 

It’s important for you to understand that the vehicle transport industry concentrates on logistics (the complex task of getting things moved around Australia and the world). That means that during transportation, any personal items within the vehicle may move, be damaged or lost (the shipping company is more concerned with your vehicle than what’s inside it). Personal items can harm the interior of your vehicle as well as other nearby items which is why each company will have it’s own strict rules about items inside the vehicle.

If you can have personal items in your vehicle during shipping, make sure you pack and prepare these items in accordance with your shippers requirements and rules.

It is useful for the pre-transport condition survey to have your vehicle clean inside and out. That way the survey captures an accurate picture of the good condition your vehicle is in before it is moved.

You should also have a clear agreement in place with the shipping company that outlines the terms and conditions of the service.

Drain the Fluids and Disconnect the Battery

Preparing your vehicle for transport by sea

To prepare your vehicle for shipping by sea, you may need to drain any fluids and disconnect the battery. This is typically required by shipping regulations and is necessary to prevent damage to the vehicle during transport.

Check with your shipping company about when the best time to do this is, so that you can continue to use your vehicle before the transit begins.

Secure the Vehicle for Transport

It is important to secure your vehicle when it is being transported to prevent it from moving or shifting during the shipping process.

If you will be the one to secure the vehicle, this may include using straps, chains, or other restraints to secure the vehicle to a trailer or within your shipping container. You should also make sure that any loose parts or accessories are properly secured or removed.

When the shipping company does this for you, you can ask to be there when they secure your vehicle, to monitor and watch how it is handled. You need to be aware, that in some situations you may not be able to watch your vehicle being secured for transport due to laws and restrictions that apply to some docks and bonded areas. 

Gather All Necessary Documents

To prepare your vehicle for shipping by sea, you will need to make sure you have all necessary documents – such as the title or ownership documents for the vehicle, insurance documents, and any other documents required by customs or import/export regulations. Ask the shipping company for a checklist to help you gather all the right documents.

We advise that you also make copies of these documents and keep them in a safe place.

Arrange for Pickup and Delivery

Once your vehicle is prepared for shipping, you will need to arrange for pickup and delivery.

If the shipping company is securing/preparing you vehicle for shipping for you, the dates for pickup and delivery may already be set.

Pickup and delivery dates are coordinated with the shipping company and will include the necessary instructions or directions to make the transition from your care to the shippers as smooth as possible. it helps to also make sure that someone will be available to meet the pickup and delivery driver and to sign any necessary documents.

Keeping Updated

Overall, preparing your vehicle for shipping by sea is an important step in ensuring that it arrives at its destination safely and in good condition. By following these steps and working with a reputable and experienced shipping company, you can ensure that your vehicle is shipped successfully and without any issues.

Once it’s in the shippers care, the company will keep you updated with how the journey is going and advise on any changes or delays in the shipping schedule that impact on your vehicle.

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