Efficient RORO Shipping for Your Vehicles & Machinery

Discover the ease of Roll-on/Roll-off Shipping with JCS Global.

What is RORO Shipping?

RORO shipping, short for “Roll-On/Roll-Off”, is a shipping method tailor-made for wheeled cargo.

From cars and trucks to heavy machinery, goods are driven directly onto the ship and off at the destination.

No containers, no fuss.

JCS Global is a provider of RORO car shipping services in Australia

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Why Choose RORO Shipping?

Quick loading & unloading

Cost-effective for bulky items

Accommodates diverse cargo types

Secure & protected transportation

RORO vs. Container Shipping

RORO Shipping

  • Ideal for vehicles & machinery
  • Loading and unloading by driving on/off using ramps
  • Best for irregular shapes
  • Items are secured within vessel's hull
  • Turnaround time at port is often quicker
  • Cargo handling risk is lower because there is less handling
  • Limited to RORO-equipped ports
  • Minimal warehousing required
  • Often cheaper for vehicles
  • Easier access for customs/quarantine inspection

Container Shipping

  • Great for general & standardised goods
  • Loading and unloading is done by crane lifting containers
  • Best for boxed or palletised items
  • Items are secured within a container
  • Turnaround time at port can be longer
  • Cargo handling risk is higher due crane lifting
  • Available at most ports
  • More warehousing possible
  • Often cheaper for general goods
  • Likely require unloading for customs/quarantine inspection

For vehicle and machinery transport, RORO shipping is often the clear winner. Ensure your shipping choice aligns with your needs.

Why Choose JCS Global as Your Shipping Provider?

Safety First

Purpose built vessels for moving vehicles. If it's on wheels, we can move it - enclosed!

Timely Deliveries

Transit times can be as little as 4 days with priority service each and every time.

Full Range of Vehicles

From caravans to trailers, trucks and machinery. If its drivable, we can ship it!

Transparent Pricing

We offer full transparency in our pricing with no hidden costs - ever.

Experienced Team

Exceptional customer support keeps you informed every step of the way.

Personalised Service

We can pickup your vehicle and deliver it direct to your door anywhere in Australia.

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