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JCS Global for specialised vehicle transport in Australia

JCS Global is Australia’s leading provider of secure specialised vehicle transport, offering a range of personalised logistic services for transporting your valuable assets. From drilling equipment to classic cars, moving them with special care and attention is the only way to ensure they arrive at their destination safely and securely.

Specialised Vehicle Transport Services

JCS Global offers a range of specialised vehicle transport services, including:

Enclosed/Protective Transport

Enclosed transport services offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle.

Our enclosed transport vehicles are fully enclosed to ensure your vehicle is protected from the elements during transportation.

It’s the ideal service for classic cars, race cars, and other valuable and sensitive vehicles, machinery or equipment.

Open Air Transport

Our open air transport services are the optimal way to move vehicles, equipment or machinery that requires circulation of air.

It is a cost-effective way to transport specialised vehicles, cars and machinery that are conducive to being exposed to the elements (such as farming and engineering vehicles). 

Open air transport is also ideal for larger vehicles, such as boats, trucks, trailers, motorhomes and buses.

Door-to-Door Transportation

Moving specialised vehicles with door-to-door transport services offers the ultimate convenience. 

Vehicles are collected from your project site, home or addressed location and delivered direct to a destination address.

Door-to-door transportation is a hassle-free transportation experience for anyone with a difficult to move or specialised vehicle.

Terminal-to-Terminal Transportation

Terminal-to-terminal transport services are a budget friendly way of moving specialised vehicles. From family cars to motorhomes and trailers, vehicles that can easily transported by the owner for at the start and end of their journey benefit the most from terminal-to-terminal transportation services.

Dropping off your vehicle at a local terminal/depot, where it is condition checked before beginning its logistics trip. Reduces your transportation costs and gives you control over the start and end of the transport process for your vehicle.

Once the vehicle transport itinerary is completed it is delivered to a pre-arranged terminal/depot destination, where you can condition check the vehicle when you collect it from.

Why Choose JCS Global for Specialised Vehicle Transport?

At JCS Global, we have years of experience in transporting all types of specialised vehicles, from classic cars to forklifts and everything in between.

We understand the unique requirements of each type of vehicle and have the expertise and equipment to ensure your vehicle is transported safely and securely.

Our team of experienced drivers are fully trained and licensed to transport specialised vehicles. Our fleet and extensive inventory of transport equipment means we can securely take care of your specialised vehicle moves.

Safety and Security

Our specialised vehicle transport services prioritise safety and security for you and the vehicle you leave in our care.

From the latest technology and equipment; JCS Global uses everything it can to ensure your vehicle is protected during transportation.

Our teams are fully trained and licensed to transport specialised vehicles, and our transport vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and other security features to ensure your vehicle is safe and secure during transportation.

Customer Service​

JCS Global has been recognised for providing exceptional customer service and has a dedicated and loyal customer list.

Our highly trained customer service team are available to answer any questions you may have about our specialised vehicle transport services.

We work with you to ensure your transport needs are met, you are kept informed during the move and your vehicle arrives at its destination safely and securely.

Transporting a specialised vehicle across Australia can be a daunting task, but with JCS Global specialised vehicle transport services, you get peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in experienced, professional, safe hands.

Our team of experienced drivers, logistics coordinators and customer service representatives are all here to ensure your specialised vehicle is moved securely.

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